18 Dec 2015

Team Casper show Christmas Spirit

The Friday before Christmas usually one means one thing - the office party.  A feed of spuds, a few beers and the party scene.  

For Paul McErlain, Samantha Convery, Rodney Young and a core of ethusiatic athletes it was a lot different.  Greenvale Leisure Centre was the venue for Team Casper and another hugely successful fundraising event for Francis Stewart.  For some this type of marathon event would be torture.  Not this time.  It was a show of strength, friendship and giving something back.

Once again this highlights the importance sport and community plays in the society.  At the time of writing this article there was £890 in the online fund from Friday's event.  It will grow.

Francis Stewart was involved in a serious accident in June of this year when out cycling.  Francis and his Family face many challenges in the Weeks and Months ahead and need all the support they can  get.

Team Casper was setup by Paul McErlain and on their Facebook page was the following comment.

"Nothing we will go through tomorrow will come close to what this man has been through this last 6 months. His strength of character and will to live have been extraordinary, pushing through the pain barrier on a daily basis."

My good wing men from the Derry minor team Damian McErlain and Killian Conlan were among the runners.  Killian ran a PB an says 'chasing the minors pays off.'

Team Casper Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/teamcasper2015/

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