22 Feb 2016

In The Spotlight - Ballerin's Gary Keane

It seems that the number cones used by Ronan Rocks and James McGrath has a affect on Gary Keane's love of football as the Ballerin man is In The Spotlight

Nickname: Gaz
Club: Ballerin
Age: 23
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 13 Stone
Occupation: Accountant
Boots/Gloves Worn: Blackout Nike tempos old school , no gloves
Favourite Film: Class of 92
Favourite Song:  John McGinley's album of United chants, he loves away days
Favourite Food: Beegee's gravy
Favourite Drink: Half bottle of Smirnoff
Favourite Pitch: Shamrock Park, Ballerin
Best thing about football: Walking down the Steps to the bottom pitch and not seeing 4 cones in each corner of the pitch
Worst thing about football: Seeing 4 cones in each corner of the pitch
Pre Match Meal: Bowl of cereal
Pre Game Superstition: Making sure the white socks are looking perfect
Toughest opponent: Conor McDevitt
Best player played with: Jarlath Bradley when he actually tries
Sporting Highlight: Winning an All-Ireland with St. Paul's Kilrea
Biggest Disappointment: Doing my cruciate and missing 2 years
Childhood idol: Owen Mulligan
Biggest influence in your career: Gerry Keane
Advice for young players: Work hard at training and you will enjoy yourself on the pitch
Best trainer in the club: Speedy Mullan/paschal McKay
Worst trainer in the club: The Mcginley family/me
What would you be doing if not playing football?: Watching
Other Sports played: Soccer

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