29 Feb 2016

In The Spotlight - Ryan Bell of Ballinderry and Derry

After scoring 0-6 on Sunday against Galway, Ryan Bell is in the Spotlight.

Nickname: Sucky

Club: Ballinderry Shamrocks

Age:  22

Height  6ft 3

Weight: 14st 7

Occupation: Student

Boots/Gloves Worn: Adidas & Murphy's

Favourite Film: Wolf of Wall Street

Favourite Song: Something Inside so Strong.

Favourite Food: Chicken

Favourite Drink: Lucozade

Favourite pitch: Ballinderry & Croke Park

Best thing about football: Playing along with your friends.

Worst thing about football: Losing a match or playing poorly.

Pre Match Meal: Chicken & Pasta

Pre Game Superstition: Go to my Granny, Granda, nephew and Aaron's graves.

Toughest opponent: Gareth McKinless never a easy match up at training & Kieran Hughes Scotstown never give me a kick couple of years ago.

Best player played with: There have been a few Enda Muldoon, Deets and Kevin McGuckin.  The list goes on.

Sporting Highlight: Winning my 1st championship with Ballinderry.

Biggest Disappointment: Losing the county final.

Childhood idol: Enda Muldoon

Biggest influence in your career: My family have been my biggest influence, always there for me, through the good times & bad times.

Advice for young players: Put the head down, work hard and the most important thing enjoy it with your friends.

Best trainer in the club: Deets

Worst trainer in the club: James Conway

What would you be doing if not playing football? Playing Soccer

Other Sports played: Soccer or American Football

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