2 Mar 2016

In The Spotlight - Rosanna McAleese of Eoghan Rua

The first female sports star to step into the spotlight is Eoghan Rua's Rosanna McAleese.

Nickname: Rose

Club: Eoghan Rua Coleraine 

Age: 20

Height  5' 8

Weight:- Can't ask girls their weight!!!

Occupation: Law and Business student (Trinity College Dublin)

Boots/Gloves Worn: Puma 

Favourite Film: Les Miserables

Favourite Song:  Forget You ( Eoghan Rua senior camogie after midnight version feat Joe on banjo and Brendan on lead vocals)

Favourite Food: Thai 

Favourite Drink: Tea 

Favourite pitch: Loreto College Coleraine

Best thing about camogie: Training and playing matches with girls you have been best friends, with or looked up to all your life. 

Worst thing about camogie: Like any commitment sometimes it can stop you from doing other things you always wanted to do (traveling,  working away from home etc) but I wouldn't change it for the world. also 8-30 Sunday morning sessions are a struggle if your not a morning person...(or if you're a Saturday night person)

Pre Match Meal: Pasta 

Pre Game Superstition: I think winning the toss and playing with the wind first half is unlucky 

Toughest opponent: Milford Cork

Best player played with: Grainne McGoldrick

Sporting Highlight: All Ireland club campaigns. The players pulling up to the club in our big yellow Chambers' bus after we won the all-Ireland and everyone from the club was there to welcome us home (and the weeks of celebrations that followed)

Biggest Disappointment: Last years club championship campaign. 

Childhood idol: Eilis McNamee

Biggest influence in your career: Joe Passmore, Maura McCloy or my dad.

Advice for young players: If your going to commit to a team give everything you have- your time, your skill and your complete physical and mental best. Sacrificing small things today will make a big difference later on in your career. Spend time on the things that your worst at, conquer them young and put your self in a position where you and the team will benefit from you being the best you can be. But most importantly enjoy it- make loads of life long friends, have brilliant experiences and really get to feel part of your club- that's what GAA is all about. 

Best trainer in the club: Meabh McGoldrick or Megan Kerr (post 11am)

Worst trainer in the club:  Maria Mooney - After strictly Eoghan Rua she's preferring the salsa over Joe's pre season fitness grids. Or Clare Tracey when she gets lost on route to the pitch or hasn't done her homework

What would you be doing if not playing camogie? I really loved drama and music when I was at school so if I didn't play I would say I would still be working away at that at an amateur level. Or I would have more stamps on my Coppers loyalty card.

Other Sports played:  Netball, golf, hockey, swimming, badminton, athletics and tennis. 

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