14 Mar 2016

In The Spotlight - David Mulgrew

Pic - Paul Mohan (Sportfile)
If Holy Trinity win Thursday's McLarnon Final they will look to the mammoth game against St Columb's Derry in the semi-final and how David Mulgrew stood up and was counted in the closing stages.  He is the next person In The Spotlight

Nickname: I've had a lot of nicknames past down to me but 'Dede' has stuck with me. 

Club: Ardboe

Age: 18

Height  6.ft 

Weight: 74kg 

Occupation: Student 

Boots/Gloves Worn: I've worn most top brands but I think I've settled quite well with the Nike. Gloves, just whatever pair that's lying in the bag 

Favourite Film: Would be tough call between Dumb and Dumber and rRcky 

Favourite Song: M
aniac 2000 never gets old 

Favourite Food: Good sirloin steak with baby potatoes and wee drop of peppered sauce.

Favourite Drink: Milk 

Favourite pitch: Apart from Croker I would have to say Carrickmore would have great pitch. 

Best thing about football: The build up to big matches and that winning feeling after a game 

Worst thing about football: Travelling  

Pre Match Meal: Chicken, rice and peas with bit of soy sauce 

Pre Game Superstition: Don't really have any 

Toughest opponent: Nobody yet

Best player played with: Would have to be 'Wee Briso'-Brian Mcguigan 

Sporting Highlight: Winning 2 grade 1 minor championships in a row 

Biggest Disappointment: Losing 2 all Ireland finals in the one year

Childhood idol: Wee Peter the great 

Biggest influence in your career: My family would have a lot but would have to say my Granda had big influence in my career taking me to the pitch most days for wee kick. 

Advice for young players: Just enjoy playing 

Best trainer in the club: Eddy Sheeky never stops boys 

Worst trainer in the club: Caolan Mallaghan worst by far. Spends his time in the gym doing curls. 

What would you be doing if not playing football? Being professional golfer I'd say. Nothing but big birdies .

Other Sports played: Handball and basketball

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