4 Mar 2016

In The Spotlight - Gavin Donnelly of St Colm's Draperstown

Desertmartin's Gavin Donnelly steps into the spotlight in the buildup to his Ulster Final with St Colm's Draperstown.

Nickname: Gavy 

Club: Desertmartin 

Age: 14

Height  5"9

Weight: 8.5 stone

School: St Colms Draperstown 

Boots/Gloves Worn: Black and white Gloros, Murphys

Favourite Film: Happy Gilmore

Favourite Song:  Redfoo - Juicy wiggle 

Favourite Food: Sunday Roast

Favourite Drink: Milk

Favourite pitch: Desertmartin training pitch

Best thing about football: Playing with your mates and winning

Worst thing about football: Injuries 

Pre Match Meal: Pasta and Chicken 

Pre Game Superstition: Say a prayer 

Best player played with: John Paul Devlin ('Screen) 

Sporting Highlight: Coming from 5 down at half time to win by 2 in the Ulster Quarter final 

Childhood idol: My Father

Best trainer in the school team: Declan Grant 

Worst trainer in the school team: Ronan McKenna 

How do you feel ahead of Ulster final? Feeling very confident however a bit nervous and anxious too 

What does it mean to captain this team? It is a fantatsic honour to captain this great bunch of lads. We have improved a lot throughout the year and there is a great team spirit 

What could you say about your team? Each and everyone of them give everything every time they step on the field. We all have a phenomenal appetite to win the Ulster final 

What has the support been like from the school? The support from the school has been second to none. We can't thank them enough. I would like to thank Mrs McKenna and all staff for being so supportive. And thanks to Mr Heron and Mr Meenagh for all their work.

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