23 Feb 2016

In The Spotlight - Neil O'Kane of Rainey Old Boys

We switch sports to Rugby as we find out what makes Rainey's Neil O'Kane tick.

Nickname:  Big Neil

Club:  Rainey Old Boys

Age: 37

Height:  6' 2''

Weight:  124kg

Occupation:  Teacher

Boots/Gloves Worn: Adidas

Favourite Film:  Anchorman

Favourite Song:   Winds of Change (Scorpion)

Favourite Food:  Any

Favourite Drink: All

Favourite pitch:  Aviva

Best thing about rugby:  A great way to get rid of some anger.

Worst thing about rugby:  It is getting too fast.

Pre Match Meal:  Toast & Eggs

Pre Game Superstition:  Last one out of the changing room

Toughest opponent:  Andrew Warwick or Simon Shaw

Best player played with:  John Brennan

Sporting Highlight:  Playing in the last game in the old Landsdowne Rd

Biggest Disappointment:  Losing Senior Cup final

Childhood idol:  Most of Derry's 93 era team

Biggest influence in your career:  Dylan Davis

Advice for young players:  Work hard & play harder

Best trainer in the club:  Johnny Lees

Worst trainer in the club:  Johnny Lees

What would you be doing if not playing rugby/football? :  Getting fatter than the normal

Other Sports played: Gaelic football

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