7 Jan 2016


2007 County Champions Glenullin have applied to enter the 2016 senior championship despite their relegation to the intermediate ranks following Aaron Kerrgian's killer goal for Claudy at the end of the relegation play-off  last season.

The win promoted Claudy to the senior league and Glenullin will play in the intermediate league this season.  There isn't a ruling in place to prevent 'The Glen' from applying to play in the senior championship and a source today confirmed that any club can opt for the senior championship if they wish.

With the FRC proposals being adopted by the Derry hierarchy on Tuesday night it means that should Glenullin's entry be accepted the first round next season will be a 17 team knock out affair meaning that a preliminary round will be required.  It gives the Derry fixtures committee their first headache of the new season.

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